NASA acquired YO-3A 69-18010 in the early 70s. The airplane was sent to University of Illinois Urbana where NASA did propeller studies for the Air Force. Mid 70s the YO-3A was flown back to Ames, Moffett Field and was modified into a flying microphone for Rotorcraft (helicopter/tiltrotor) and Sonic Boom research. In 2015, The Vietnam Helicopter Museum in Concord CA acquired the airplane. Currently this YO-3A is the only flying example of a YO-3A.

NASA Pilot Tim Williams and NASA Crew Chief Dale Hogg flew the NASA YO-3A to the Cable Air Show 2010. Tim and Dale flew the YO-3A after the show to a very small audience. Group Photo: Jan Helsel (YO-3A Army Pilot Vietnam,) Tim Williams, Dale Hogg and Kurt Olney. 

Video by Dale Hogg